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Customer Testimonials

Bioreator Model"Our relationship with Legacy Molding started several years ago as we first began to utilize them in trouble-shooting our most difficult molds. Since they were not an approved supplier, their role was initially limited to that capacity. However, realizing their value as a vendor, our quality and purchasing departments completed their certification process, and soon the first orders with Legacy Molding were placed. Since then, they've advanced to the position of being our number one supplier of injection molded components. They are highly regarded by virtually everyone in our organization and we do not hesitate to recommend them."

Project Engineer - Biotech Industry - Utah


"In the munitions industry, close tolerance parts are simply part of everyday life; and that certainly includes the injection molded items. For quite some time now, Legacy Molding has met our expectations in terms of maintaining tight tolerances, meeting delivery promises and by providing realiCollagestic pricing."

"Our new products group relies very heavily on Legacy because of their strong technical knowledge of the injection molding industry. That's why they receive the majority of our work."

Product Engineer - Defense Industry - Wyoming